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VR-Clicks ™

Digital tools to collect consumer's responses on visual benefits

and how consumers discriminate satisfaction

It shows market-relevant and physically-based virtual realities created on the web as visual scenario surrogates when visual perception occurs—validated and verified.

Very fast, nearly live, collecting thousands of responses on the cloud. It surpasses physical and language barriers.

Super cost-effective. It is 70% to 90% cheaper than competitive physical or video options on a price per contact basis.

It offers modern, agile, multi-category and versatile procedures to substantiate brand claims and support formulation balances that include new sustainable options, following a consumer-centric approach.

Is this for me or my team?

  • Yes, if you or your team are responsible to build brand assets based on visual perceptions like typography, colours, and other graphic designs

  • Yes, if you or your team are responsible to decide about brand claims based on visual perceptions. Which ones? How to support them?

  • Yes, if you or your team are responsible to formulation design, formulation cost, margins, selection of materials/ingredients, balance consumer benefits with product technologies (consumer-centric approach)

Example 01.

Collecting consumer responses on cleanliness perception. Focus: To define thresholds to acceptable cleanliness, and to discriminate technology performances with consumer-centric approach instead of materials-centric approach.

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