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Balance Consumer Benefits Perceptions
with Profitability

Global consumer industry needs to create and sustain the right value equation for consumers and companies.That is imperative.

In 1994 we started our journey in the world of representing market realities at lab conditions. Instead of implementing well known standardised lab methodologies, we intentionally devoted our best technical and scientific efforts to design protocols, build equipments, validate methodologies, develop computer algorithms, and applied recent scientific principles to represent as much as possible consumer relevant practices as well as to model and understand consumer benefit perceptions at real environments.

Consumer-centred Laboratory Experimentation

Our laboratory facilities are focused to model and simulate consumer's realities and perceptions. Here we conduct 'in-vitro' and 'in-silico' studies, physical and virtual experimentation, highly relevant to emerging markets and scenarios. We have build unique prototyping, lab, robotics, photonics, nano sensors, digital and software capabilities as well as we have nurtured experienced trained panellist for visual, olfactory and tactile sensory analysis.

In-vitro Experimentation. To evaluate different attributes involved in products use. Our research strategies use standardised and innovative in-house validated methods, taking into account actual using conditions and relies on a broad statistical base during its design, execution and data analysis.

   Quantification are based on instrumental data and/or sensory responses provided by consumers and/or trained panels, taking as a point of reference consumer's actual evaluation criteria as well as the market scenarios in which evaluations occur. Special attention has been put to conduct instrumental evaluation of results with relevance to visual assessment by consumer's eyes. CONSUMERTEC has designed and implemented lab simulation of:

  • laundry, including washing and drying indoor and outdoor, machine and hand procedures
  • dish-washing, hand procedures with liquids, structured liquids, creams or bars, including soaking of stuck food on pots and pans
  • baby diapers use during day and night
  • food processing at home kitchen
  • household surfaces cleaning
In-silico Experimentation. Rapid changes in computational capabilities at affordable prices are offering new alternatives to 'in-silico' innovation activities. Product, brands, consumers and their interactions are now capable to be virtualised, specially, thanks to recent mathematical models of consumer perceptions. DETERTEC has built innovative systems based on the powerful scripting and graphical capabilities of JMP software.

JMP™ is a trade mark of SAS, Cary, NC, USA.

Optical Spectroscopy Technologies. Based on recent developments on photonics and thin film technologies as well as on in-house data processing scripts using JMP software, DETERTEC has integrated several hardware and software components from different suppliers focused to conduct spectrometric measurements as close as possible to real energy interaction found in the market. Absolute spectrometric measurements are rested on in-house calibration procedures traceable to international standards.

We have built customised non-contact mini spectrofluorimeters to accurately determine, in absolute terms, spectroscopy properties of fluorescent materials in areas less than 6 mm2, full traceable to international standards.

Organic Vapour Nano-sensors. A combination of individual thin-film carbon-black polymer composite and new nano chemiresistor sensors, configured into an array. The final response is a pattern which is usually a unique characteristic of the total combination of odours substances present on a specific space. Using this technology one odour molecule can sensitises different sensors and one sensor can detect different odour molecules, in line with the human olfactive system.

The device is currently in use to obtain pattern responses of odour substances present at different consumer products head-spaces or to characterise different surfaces head-space like hair, skin, cloth, foods, home surfaces, as well as to characterise market relevant olfactive scenarios like kitchen, bath, bed, living and laundry rooms, with the intention to understand how natural malodorous in those environments are linked to product’s consumer benefit perception.

How do we work? What is your gain?

CONSUMERTEC is contracted in an medium term or occasional project base to join client's R&D teams in charge of product and technology innovation. R&D teams are usually responsible for the following goals:

    • to increment product's formula profitability
    • to develop, discern and implement new technologies
    • to keep the highest value for consumers and companies

As a team member CONSUMERTEC assumes goal responsibility and provides team's work support, deploying full capabilities and technologies: in-vitro and in-silico methodologies at laboratory level, and in-vivo household methodologies, in order to reach goals effectively and efficiently. In other words, we deploy full capabilities and expertise, with no limits, in line with team plans and actions.

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Laundry Lab

Products for test: bars, liquids, powders, gels, pearls, pods and others

Capable to reproduce world's consumer benefits perception after:

    1. Multi-sensory experiences
      • Product's yield or durability perception based on packed density and foam generation during soaking or washing
    1. Visual experiences
      • Primed cleaning and whiteness perception during soaking
      • Cleanliness perception based on general soil and specific stain remotion
      • Whiteness maintenance and restoration perception during multiple washings and dryings indoor and outdoor
      • Colour-care perception during soaking under natural daylight
      • Colour-care perception during multiple washings with and without white fabric context
      • Fabric-care perception during multiple washings in regard to pilling prevention and restoration
    1. Olfactive experiences
      • Fragrance substantivity on washed and dried malodorous fabrics
      • Fragrance masking malodorous on dried fabrics under  environments
    1. Tactile experiences
      • Fabric softness after multiple washings and indoor and outdoor dryings

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Hand-dish wash Lab

Products for test: creams, bars, liquids, structured liquids, gels and others

Capable to reproduce world's consumer benefits perception after:

    1. Multi-sensory experiences
      • Product's yield or durability perception based on viscosity, consistency, hardness or density, and foam generation during washing
    1. Visual experiences
      • Bars and creams wet-consistency and hardness during use
      • Foam generation during washing in presence of greasy soils
      • Easy-cleanliness perception based on stuck food on pot and pans. Soils in relevance to culture and local dishes
    1. Olfactive experiences
      • Fragrance masking during washing under malodorous environments

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